1 July 2024

Residents of the Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley continue to implement their projects

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory visited the site of the special economic zone of industrial production type (SEZ PPT) “Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley”. The SEZ creation project is included in the KIP “Yenisei Siberia”.

The total area of the Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley is more than 247 hectares. Part of the area is intended for rental to residents. To date, there are five of them: Siberian Aluminum Discs LLC, Siberian Profile LLC, Henkon Siberia LLC, Spetstechnomash JSC, Phoenix Factory LLC. They implement projects for the production of special equipment for the mining industry, resource extraction and metallurgical companies, aluminum recycling, production of aluminum discs and profiles. Residents’ projects are in different phases: some residents have already received a construction permit and are performing construction and installation work, other projects are at the stage of equipment delivery. In total, 1,175 new jobs are being created as part of the implementation of these projects.

Deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly visited four sites, where they got acquainted with the progress of construction work, and business leaders told them about the stage of implementation of their projects.

After visiting the sites, a meeting of the Committee on Economics and Tax Policy was held. Mikhail Bershadsky, First Deputy Minister of Economy and Regional Development, spoke about the work of the Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley. He noted that all obligations are fulfilled by the region in relation to residents of the Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley. These are various types of tax benefits: for the profit of an organization – 2% in the federal part and 0% for the first 10 years in the regional part; zero taxes for ten years on property and for five years on land. Moreover, as Mikhail Bershadsky noted, the main incentive for residents is not tax preferences, but a simplified regime for providing land plots for production in the SEZ.

In addition, in 2021-2023, an infrastructure was created for residents of the SEZ at the expense of the regional budget, including electric, heat, and water supply facilities. Total investments amounted to 567 million rubles; this year another 254 million will be invested in the construction of water supply facilities and road infrastructure.

Chairman of the Committee on Economics and Tax Policy of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Egor Vasiliev: “The Special Economic Zone is a story about cooperation, about production, which benefits from being on the same production site with each other. Of course, we will also talk about the need to synchronize development plans, create additional infrastructure capacities together, taking into account the common needs of various enterprises, so that they can complement each other.”

Recall that the Krasnoyarsk Technological Valley special economic zone of industrial production type was established in Krasnoyarsk in 2020 according to a Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Source: пресс-служба Законодательного собрания Красноярского края