12 September 2022

Residents of 86 settlements of the region will have the opportunity to be tested for the selection to Yenisey Siberia CIP talent pool

Employment service of the region workers will visit a record number of settlements in September. The visits will take place in 86 settlements under the “Mobile Employment Center” interdepartmental infrastructure project with the participation of labor market partners.

The mobile office provides access to the digital staffing platform of “Yenisey Siberia” comprehensive investment project. Residents of the region can register with the resource, take a test and get an individual competencies card in the mobile office. Citizens who have successfully passed the test are placed in the talent pool of the comprehensive investment project Yenisey Siberia and can seek employment in leading companies. The project is being implemented jointly with Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation.

“The tasks of employing citizens and providing employers with personnel are being solved using the help of the mobile employment center. The field trips are held jointly with labor market partners. Wide range of services is provided to clients in a one stop shop mode,” head of the Agency of Labor and Employment of the population of the Krasnoyarsk Region Viktor Novikov says.

The trips aimed at professional self-determination of the youth will take place in September. The participants will learn about the services and projects of the employment service. The employment needs of enterprises, and youth policy programs allowing obtaining professional skills on demand on the labor market will be presented to the participants.  Employment service workers will also visit remote settlements, including Alkashtyk village of Krasnoturansky district (that is located 92 km from the district center), Khandalsk village of Abansky district (102 km from the district center) and Vangash village of the Severo-Eniseysk district (120 km from the district center).

The visiting schedule is available at Interactive portal of the Agency of Labor and Employment of the population of the Krasnoyarsk Region.