Exploration of Syradasay field implies the construction of the West Taymyr Cluster for production of coal concentrates from coking coals on the Taymyr Peninsula, with the production capacity of 5 million tons a year and a potential of increasing the capacity to 10 million tons, including the following facilities: an open-pit coal mine; deep processing enrichment plant with the concentrate output of over 60%; industrial road of 60 km; Yenisey Sea Port with the maximum depth of 15.5 m, quay wall of 500 m and production capacity of 5 million tons extendable to 10 million tons.

Socioeconomic effects: creation of 950 new jobs by 2021, attraction of highly qualified personnel, creation of around 3,000 jobs for the construction period, resolution of the strategic tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation in the Order No. 204 dated May 7, 2018, in the aspect of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) development and cargo traffic increase to 80 million tons, as well as raising the economic growth rate above the global values; giving a strong momentum to socioeconomic development of the new industrial territory on the Taymyr Peninsula and the entire Arctic region of the Russian Federation.

Investor: Severnaya Zvezda LLC

Delivery period: 2018–2022

Investment: 0,94 billion dollars