Investment offer

Total cost of the project: 6,588 mln RUB (1,760 mln RUB – for the first stage of the project)

Capital planned to be raised: 500 mln RUB and more

Investment purposes: reconstruction of cow sheds, equipment, fodder conservation, purchase of 640 livestock units, extending machinery and equipment fleet, increasing land area

Investment options: acquisition of a share of the company, investment loan

In recent years there is a decrease in powdered milk stock in the European Union; at the same time, we can observe a consistent increase in dairy products consumption in China. In accordance with Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation, raw milk production deficit amounts to 2,9 mln tonnes. Import phase-out possibilities for dairy products amount to 7 mln tonnes per year, which is 17% of total consumption.

The project entails construction of high-tech dairy production complex for 4,800 dairy cows, including cow sheds, calf sheds, repair and technical sections, grain pipes, garage, utility and auxiliary infrastructure.

The project is being implemented at the following land plots: land plot for dairy production complex – 255 ha, land plots for agricultural production – 13,220 ha, lands reserved at the place of the project implementation – 35,000 ha.

At the moment, the project is at the implementation stage. Capital investments are made in the production assets, mechanization of production processes, utility and other facilities. Production of up to 2 tonnes of raw milk is organized.

Pervomayskoe Settlement, Republic of Khakassia

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