Investment offer

Total cost of the project: 1 bln RUB

Capital planned to be raised: 200 mln RUB

Investment purpose: Construction and installation, equipment, working capital

Investment options: Investment in return for a share, loan on a deferred-payment basis

Internal rate of return (IRR): 19.5%

The project suggests creation of a fruit and berry garden to grow such Siberian berries as sea buckthorn and honeysuckle with gooseberry, currants, raspberry and strawberries in the long run.

The berry market depends a lot on the amount of gathered wild berries and is characterised by lack of the cultivated product. Project implementation will increase guaranteed amount of berry raw materials and decrease the market dependence on wild berries. In addition, it will address the product lack on the domestic and foreign markets.

According to the production plan, at the moment of establishment the garden will cover 987 ha, followed by extension up to 2,000 ha in future, allocated as follows: sea buckthorn – 454 ha, honeysuckle – 533 ha. The berry garden will be created with the use of high-yielding planting stock, state-of-the-art soil improvement, drip irrigation, product processing and storage technologies. 

The project is in the planning stage. As of now, a land plot has been allocated for the project on the terms of a long-term lease (leasing period – 49 years with an option to purchase the land plot); the project of a drip irrigation system has been developed; and Scientific and Research Institute of Horticulture of Siberia prepared a garden layout. The equipment was selected the way it could provide optimal irrigation conditions for the species to be grown in the garden.

Republic of Khakassia, Askiz District

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