Investment offer

Total cost of the project: 450 mln RUB (250 mln RUB for equipment acquisition, 100 mln RUB for production facilities acquisition and 100 mln RUB for working capital).

Capital planned to be raised: 150 mln RUB.

Investment purposes: working capital, acquisition of equipment and production facilities

Investment options: all possible investment options can be considered.

Internal rate of return (IRR): 23 %

Planned pay-off period: 4 years

Krasnoyarsk Region has significant forest reserves with the area that makes up for 14% of all Russian Federation forests. Wood is one of the most demanded materials for construction in the Siberian Federal District.

The project suggests creation of a plant, which will be used for wood processing and manufacturing of complete construction sets using MASSIV-HOLZ-MAUER technology.

MASSIV-HOLZ-MAUER is a new technology of accelerated construction, which uses pre-made construction sets. The sets are made of wall panels, which are made of multiple layers of dry 24 mm boards of any width, crosswise connected to each other with aluminum nails. The panels are then factory-processed to have the windows and door openings, grooves for electrical wiring and piping cut out. The advantages of this technology lie in its eco-friendliness, stable form, competitive prices and fast installation.

The project is focused on the market of wooden house construction in the Krasnoyarsk agglomeration, which shows stable figures.

At the moment, the analysis of market preconditions for the project implementation has been performed; the composition of the production line and the order of production have been determined; the main technical and economic parameters of the project have been calculated.

Krasnoyarsk agglomeration, Krasnoyarsk Region

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