Investment offer

Total cost of the project: 1,645 mln roubles

Capital planned to be raised: 645 mln roubles

Investment purposes: construction and installation, equipment

Expected implementation model: public-private partnership

Internal rate of return (IRR): 11.8 %

The project suggests creation of a modern, effective and competitive healthcare and wellness rehabilitation complex to provide the population with modern services of health and wellness tourism.

The preconditions for creation of the touristic complex include the unique opportunities of Cheder Lake suitable to organize a mud therapy complex, the demand for inner tourism among the Russian citizens, as well as orientation of the Government of the Republic of Tyva to the creation of a sanatorium complex and development of health and wellness tourism meant to improve health of local population and increase the tourist flow.

The touristic complex includes two treatment blocks, a hotel, a children’s complex, a sports ground, a football field, an administrative complex, traditional yurts, a summer swimming pool with a treatment block, a beach area with a pier, an accommodation block for the personnel, a parking lot, and a road leading to the complex.

The project is at the initiation stage. As of now, a land plot of 40,82 ha has been allocated, and an already prepared project design assignment is being negotiated. What is more, Cheder Lake’s therapeutic capacity and resort suitability have been assessed, and reserves of therapeutic mud have been defined. A preliminary version of the investment business project has been developed, and basic technical-economic parameters have been defined.

Cheder Lake, Kyzyl District, Republic of Tyva

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