Offer to the investor

Total project cost: 183 mln rub

Capital planned to be raised: 61 mln rub and above

Investment purposes: construction and equipment of the preparation plant

Available investment options: any possible investment options will be considered

Internal rate of return (IRR): 79%

Planned payback period: 3 years

The Yenisey Siberia regions feature rich coal industry resources (over 6,932 million tonnes in total) and a wide choice of coal fields and available coal ranks (rank 2 brown coal, rank 2 brown vitrinite coal, rank 2 ROM brown coal, gas coal, gas ROM coal, bituminous coal). Since 2014 till 2019, the carbon sorbent production in Russia has been consistently growing at the CAGR of 12%. The global and Russian import of activated charcoal has been steadily growing at the CAGR of 5%. The potential sales markets in Russia manifest a high demand for the activated charcoal currently covered by import (in 2018, the import volume constituted 14.3 tonnes).

The project suggests organizing a production facility for hard coal sorbents in the form of powder produced by hard coal activation, and capable of separating the gas mixes in an effective way due to the dimensional and sorption effects (powder-like sorbents, ground and mesoporous sorbents, granular mesoporous carriers).

After the project is commenced, the production facility may be located in the following regions:

– Krasnoyarsk Region, rank 2 brown coal, rank 2 brown vitrinite coal, rank 2 ROM brown coal being found in Borodinsky mine, 650 million tonnes; Nazarovsky mine, 210 million tonnes; Berezovsky mine, 3500 million tonnes.

– In four coal fields in the Republic of Khakasia:  long-flame coal, gas ROM coal in Vostochno-Beysky mine, 125 million tonnes; Mayrykhsky mine, 220 million tonnes; Stepnoy mine, 91 million tonnes; Kirbinsky mine, 354 million tonnes.

– The Republic of Tyva, bituminous coal: Kaa-Khemsky mine, 82 million tonnes; Elegest field, 1000 million tonnes.

At the moment, the project is at the implementation stage. The general activated charcoal production flowchart has been developed, the main sources of raw materials and production energy sources have been assigned, the basic financial parameters and the product sales channels have been identified.

Depending on the sufficiency of the assets and finance owned by the investor, the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation may offer the best fitting project financing plan involving the governmental financial support options.

The project was developed by Strategy Partners group with the support of Sberbank.

Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakasia, the Republic of Tyva

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