Delivery of major sports events

The corporation is the operator of major international and all-Russian sports competitions in the regions of the Yenisey Siberia. We prepare for the planned major sports events, as well as initiate new significant sports projects on the territory of the Yenisey Siberia. We offer our experience and expertise in holding major sports events in Russia.
Our team successfully delivered 12 test events during the preparation for the Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 (including 4 international events) and the Universiade 2019 itself, as well as the World Junior Curling Championships 2020 and FIS World Cup Stages 2020. The Games were recognized as the best winter Univerisade in the history of the International University Sports Federation.
  • Coordination of key activities in the preparation and delivery of sports events
  • Interaction with national and international sports federations
  • Development and approval of a sports program
  • Coordination of preparation stages with key stakeholders
  • Preparation of competition venues (field of play)
  • Organization and support of inspection visits in preparation for sports events
  • Selection, training of sports volunteers, organization of their work during events
  • Involvement of sports judges and coordination of their work
  • Organization of information support during sports events