So far, only athletes from Russia, Estonia, Japan and Belgium are the winners of FIS Junior World Champs 2021

Today, on March 19, athletes do not compete for the medals at the FIS Junior World Champs 2021. There are only qualifications in slope style (freestyle) and big air (snowboard). Let us remind you all the winners and prize-winners of the previous days.

Freestylers have already competed for five sets of medals. Four gold medals were won by the athletes of the Russian national team, one – by the Estonian freestyler. Among the winners there are also representatives of Belarus, Switzerland, Russia and Korea.

Snowboarders have the winners only in the slope style yet. The gold in ladies’ went to the representative of Belgium, in men’s – to Japan team. Among the winners are athletes from the Netherlands, Japan and Finland.


Aerials 1. Artem Potapov (Russia). 2. Makar Mitrofanov (Belarus). 3. Andrey Kuzmin (Belarus).

Aerials 1. Anastasia Prytkova (Russia). 2. Alexandra Baer (Switzerland). 3. Ursina Platz (Switzerland).

Aerials Mixed teams. 1. The first place was taken by Anastasia Prytkova, Artem Potapov and Arseny Vagin. 2. Belarus-1 (Anna Derugo, Igor Drobenkov and Makar Mitrofanov). 3. Yesenia Pantyukhova, Denis Slyadnev and Ildar Khakimov.

Halfpipe 1. Henry Sildaru (Estonia). 2. Seung Hun Lee (Korea). 3. Fedor Muralyov (Russia).

Halfpipe 1. Alexandra Glazkova (Russia). 2. Michelle Raget (Switzerland). 3. Daehyun Kim (Korea).


Slopestyle 1. Rikuto Watanabe (Japan). 2. Aoto Kawakami (Japan). 3. Sam Vermaat (Netherlands).

Slopestyle 1. Evy Poppe (Belgium). 2. Yura Murase (Japan). 3.Thelma Sarkipayu (Finland).