Snowboarders competed for medals in Big Air at the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 in Krasnoyarsk

More medals were awarded at the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 in Krasnoyarsk. The strongest athletes in Big Air were determined among snowboarders. All of them had three runs in the final, the the best two gave the final result.

The girls were careful in their first run. From the leaders of the qualification, only Yura Murase (Japan) decided to make a difficult jump and performed it getting 89.25. She was followed by Varvara Romanova (Russia), who completed her “seven jump” at 83.50. These athletes competed for gold, when other six were trying to catch up.

Murase made another jump of 80 points and scored a total of 169.75 in the second try. Romanova, on the other hand, performed a trick which is less difficult and got in total 147.75 points. And her position in the table was immediately questioned by Evy Poppa (Belgium). She scored 158.00 points and became the second after the second run. An excellent jump of 90.50 was made by Shihiro Edamatsu and was aimed at the medal.

Romanova slightly improved her second jump in the third try, and as a result she got 154.00 points. Poppe remained with the score of 158.00 points. And now the score table depended only on the jump of Edamatsu. In the fight for the first place, she had to make a perfect jump and for the second one could simply perform a trick of medium difficulty. Edamatsu chose the second path.

As a result, the gold medal went to Japanese Yura Murase (169.75), silver – to her compatriot Shihiro Edamatsu (162.00), bronze – to Belgian Evy Poppe (158.00).

Varvara Romanova lacked four points to bronze, and she took the fourth place: “Probably, it should have happened. Of course, I understood that I could take part in the fight for the six. Unfortunately, so far I do not have enough tricks to be exactly among the prize winners. But I tried to show what I am capable of, and I think I succeeded. “

Another Russian woman, Yaroslava Kudryashova, took 6th place.

Note that the second awards at the current world championship were won by Murase (after silver in the slope style) and Poppe (after gold in the slope style).

After the first try, Igor Tarakanov unexpectedly became the leader – “vask daubl 1200” brought him 82.00 points. Surprisingly, none of his 11 final rivals were able to score better. Six athletes made a serious mistake in landing. Unfortunately, Nikita Abozovik (Russia) was among them, and he was even forced to end the competition.

Igor Tarakanov remained the leader after the second try with a total of 155.00 points But other athletes made good jumps too. The Japanese Aoto Kawakami and Taiga Hasegawa stepped over the 80-point mark, and the German Moritz Breu even earned the highest mark in this final – 93.50.

In the third attempt, Tarakanov was unable to improve his final total. And two rivals pushed him to the third position.  Will the Russian get the medal? The question to this answer should have been given by the last jump, which was performed by the Sam Vermaat from the Netherlands. It was a good, tough trick. But on the sum of the two best tries, Vermaat lacked only one point …

Sergey Tarakanov first of all praised the course and only then spoke about the medal: “Cool course after all! I am very pleased with the jumps, inrun, landing hills. Everything is perfect as it should be. Well, I’m happy with my result. There was a real fight for medals. I performed as best as I could. However it’ not the first or second place … However, we still have a half-pipe ahead. Let’s see what happens there. “

Gold – Taiga Hasegawa (Japan) – 173.25. Silver – Moritz Brou (Germany) – 167.25. Bronze – Igor Tarakanov (Russia) – 155.00.

Russian Petr Ershov was on the ninth line of the final protocol, Nikita Abozovik – on the eleventh. 

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