The first medals were awarded at the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 in Krasnoyarsk

The first medals were awarded at the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 in Krasnoyarsk among freestyle athletes. Russian athletes Anastasia Prytkova and Artem Potapov became the first in aerials.

The competition began with qualifying races. 6 women and 11 men from Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Russia and Switzerland fought to reach the final.

Anastasia Prytkova (Russia) became the best among women after qualification with a score of 83.16 points. The top three places also included Anna Derugo (Republic of Belarus) – 77.80 points and Yesenia Pantyukhova (Russia) – 72.79 points. In addition, Alexandra Baer (Switzerland), Valeria Balmatova (Republic of Belarus) and Ursina Platz (Switzerland) made their way to the final.

In the women’s finals, the leader remained unchanged – Anastasia Prytkova performed the declared jump with amazing accuracy and took the lead with a score of 86.62 points.

Alexandra Baer (Switzerland) became the silver medalist: “I am very happy. Today I showed my best result of the season – 82.53 points. I have not yet fully realized that I managed to win a silver medal, but I am very pleased with my performance! “

Bronze medal went to Ursina Platz (Switzerland), who, having shown the 6th result in qualification, was able to pull herself together and beat her rivals with a score of 80.01 points. “This is my first performance in a competition of this level – of course, I am pleased with my result, but I think that I could improve the landing,” Ursina Platz shared her impressions. – I was very pleased to participate in competitions with athletes from different countries. We all did a good job today. “

Makar Mitrofanov (Republic of Belarus) – 96.58 points, Arseniy Vagin – 95.17 points and Igor Drobenkov (Republic of Belarus) – 93.76 points became the leaders in qualification. Artem Potapov (Russia), Andrey Kuzmin (Republic of Belarus) and Roman Ivanov (Kazakhstan) also started fighting for medals.

In the finals, the top three changed. The winner was Artem Potapov from Moscow, who, according to the results of the qualification, took the 4th place, but in the final a precisely executed double somersault with three screws brought him the gold medal, the final result is 96.93 points. After the performance, Artem said that it was not his first time on the slopes of Sopka Cluster: “Last year I took part in the FIS World Cup finals in Krasnoyarsk, but today I achieved the best result in my career. My team and I have been preparing for a very long time in Yaroslavl, and you can see how well everything turned out. Today I understood that I have perspectives for growth – and I will definitely do it! “

The second place was taken by Makar Mitrofanov (Republic of Belarus) leading after qualification with 96.58 points, on the third step of the podium is Andrey Kuzmin (Republic of Belarus) with 93.41 points.

As part of the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 freestylers will have team aerials competitions and final races in the half pipe, as well as snowboarders will compete for medals in slopestyle tomorrow, on March 19.

The competition schedule is published on the website. The tickets for the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 can be purchased at on the events page.