Finalists in the freestyle half-pipe determined

FIS Junior World Champs 2021 hosted a qualifying competition for freestylers halfpipe.

The current champion of Russia Alexandra Glazkova showed the best result with 86.75 points in the race among women: “I improved one of my tricks, I’m happy with it, but there is still room for one more. Well, I’m brisk and sappy and ready to fight. Tomorrow, in the finals, I must do my best, and show everything that I did during the training sessions.”

Glazkova hopped Daria Tatalina from Russia who took the second place in qualification having serious advantage of more than nine points. However, in the final everything starts from scratch. And the athletes will surely try to surprise all of us. However, we note that in the women’s half-pipe, the medal is already guaranteed for Russian women. Among the six finalists there are four athletes of the championships host country (also Ekaterina Efremova and Ekaterina Selezneva). The winner of the European Cup Stage that was held in march, Michelle Rageth (Switzerland) and the champion of the Republic of Korea Daen Kim will compete for the prize.

The European Cup Stage winner, Henry Sildaru (Estonia) became the winner in the men’s halfpipe qualification. “During the training session, I overdid it a little and broke the ski, so my first attempt was not so good, I could have done better. And so I had to take a ski from a different set … I have a few tricks that I could have done better, for example, my first jump and the fourth. I think I’ll try in the finals tomorrow. “

The second place was taken by the two-time champion of Korea, winner of the Asian Cup Stage, Seong Hong Lee. Surely Fedor Muralev and Maxim Serov from Russia, who took third and fourth places in qualifications, respectively, will try to compete for medals. Three Swiss freestylers will also compete in the finals.

The final halfpipe competition will take place in the Sopka cluster tomorrow, on March 19. The competition schedule is published on the website. The tickets for the FIS Junior World Champs 2021 can be purchased at on the events page.