First day of the Russian Junior Figure Skating Championships 2021 in Krasnoyarsk is finished

The first day of the Russian Junior Figure Skating Championships 2021 finished in Krasnoyarsk. Today, young ladies and gentlemen performed a short program in the Crystal Ice Arena, and pairs performed a rhythm dance.

The competition opened with a short program performed by boys. Evgeny Semenenko (St. Petersburg), Alexei Mishin’s student, became the leader of the day. He showed the triple axel, triple lutz, triple flip cascade – triple toe loop, getting 87.13 points. After the performance, the skater shared his impressions: “Everything that was planned was done. During the performance, I made one mistake, but I am satisfied with the result. Now the main task is to perform in the free program at the top of my abilities. “

Ilya Yablokov took the second place after the short program (85.38 points). The third place was taken by Artem Kovalev (85.01 points), who was representing Evgeny Plushenko Academy. Daniil Samsonov, Eteri Tutberidze’s student, took the fourth place (83.40 points).

The competition day continued with a short program performed by girls. The best result was shown by Sofia Muravyova, a representative of Angels of Evgeny Plushenko figure skating academy, who received 72.97 points. “I didn’t expect such a result,” she commented on her performance. “Tomorrow I have a serious free skate competition, so I need to work on.”

The second and third places were taken by Eteri Tutberidze’s students – Sofya Akatieva (72.80 points) and Adelia Petrosyan (72.64 points).

Besides, today dance pairs competed for medals. Arina Ushakova and Maxim Nekrasov became the best according to the results of the rhythm dance. The skaters received 75.85 points for their performance having demonstrated interesting lifts and acrobatic elements. “Probably, at this championships we showed the best rhythm dance performance,” said Arina Ushakova. – We had inner peace and confidence thanks to the final two weeks that we spent on the ice. We were pleased with ourselves after each training session. We compete not for the result or points, but to show the way we have grown and what a great work we have done. “

Irina Khavronina and Dario Chirizano are the second in the rhythm dance with 74.08 points. The top three closes by Elizaveta Shanaeva and David Narizhny (73.75 points).

On February 4, at the Russian Junior Figure Skating Championships 2021, the performances of single figure skaters will end with a free program. In addition, sports couples will perform their short program. 

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