Mining Technical School to be built in the capital of the Tyva Republic

The construction of the Mining Technical School in Kyzyl will be carried out based on a public-private partnership, in accordance with an agreement between the Government of the Tyva Republic and Golevskaya GRK LLC.

At the initiative of the Government of the Tyva Republic, a meeting was held on the creation of the Mining Technical School. The meeting was chaired by Alexander Brokert, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Tyva Republic. During the meeting, participants discussed the project office establishment issues, interaction with specialized higher education institutions, areas of cooperation with the Siberian Federal University, organizational and land issues, the location of the future educational institution in Kyzyl.

The key goal of creating the Mining Technical School is to provide graduates of the Tyva Republic schools with the opportunity to find employment in modern production, to provide them with competencies that will be in demand at a high-tech enterprise – Ak-Sug Mining and Processing Complex. The estimated volume of investments for the construction of the Mining Technical School will be about 1 billion rubles. Golevskaya GRK LLC undertakes to provide financing for the design, construction and equipping of the technical school in accordance with the relevant parameters. In addition, a dormitory for 250 people will be constructed. The educational institution will be able to train 400 people in the professions in demand at the Ak-Sug Mining and Processing Complex and required for the development of other mining enterprises of the republic.

“The integrated development of the territory is directly related to the implementation of a large investment project to create a mining and processing enterprise at the Ak-Sug deposit. The creation of an educational institution in Kyzyl is a good example of social partnership with business, ” emphasized Alexander Broker.

To start designing and developing the concept of the Mining Technical School on the territory of Kyzyl, it is necessary to determine a land plot for construction that meets all the requirements. According to preliminary estimates, the required area for the Mining Technical School (including the educational building, dormitory, training ground, hangars, etc.) should be at least 20 hectares. “Given the high social significance of the future educational facility, it is important to choose its correct location,” noted Alexander Brokert.

The Government of the Tyva Republic has already considered the land plot proposed for development at the intersection of 75 Let Pobedy Street and Bai-Khaak (north-east corner) in Kyzyl. During the discussion of this option, it was noted that the business, public and commercial zone (OD-1) of the land plot is insignificant and may not be enough to accommodate a technical school and a dormitory on this area. It is planned to conduct an in-depth study of the proposed land plot and take the necessary measures both in terms of bringing the plot to optimal parameters, and in terms of obtaining the required approvals and permits, as well as comparing this plot with other placement options.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seriously aggravated the requirements for the educational process and skills for remote work with information. The meeting participants discussed the possibility of creating an appropriate educational platform for organizing the online learning process. It was decided to create a working group under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Tyva Republic with the participation of all interested parties.

At the meeting, it was decided to establish a project office for the implementation of the project. It will include representatives of the Government of the Tyva Republic, Intergeo Management Company LLC, Siberian Federal University and the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation. The project office will be headed by the Minister of Education and Science of the Tyva Republic.

“The Corporation is currently developing a staffing program for the Mining and Processing Complex based on the Ak-Sug porphyry copper deposit. The creation of the Mining Technical School in Kyzyl is included in this program, and the technical school will definitely speed up the process of training specialists to cover the personnel needs of the enterprise at the stage of operation, “said Sergey Ladyzhenko, Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation.

Golevskaya GRK in the Tyva Republic is implementing a large-scale investment project – the construction of the Ak-Sugy Mining and Processing Complex based on a porphyry copper deposit in the Todzha region. The Mining and Processing Complex will be commissioned in 2024; the ore mining and processing capacity is 24 million tons per year. The Mining and Processing Complex will practically double the GRP of the Tyva Republic and become a growth driver of the hard-to-reach region.

The company received all the necessary permits and is currently carrying out work related to the involvement of contractors for the construction of the mining and processing complex and related infrastructure.

It will be a high-tech enterprise with a high level of automation and labor productivity. The project fully complies with the national task to equalize the levels of socio-economic development of the republic. The implementation of this task will require the creation of more than 2,000 new jobs with the involvement of more than 800 skilled and 400 highly skilled workers.