Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and Atom-TOR signed a strategic partnership agreement

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and JSC Atom-TOR signed an agreement on long-term cooperation in the development of Zheleznogorsk, which is the Priority Social and Economic Development Area (PSEDA) in the Krasnoyarsk Region.

The parties will jointly attract residents to Zheleznogorsk PSEDA, organize and conduct co-operative activities to promote its investment potential, as well as provide consulting and expert support to investors in terms of administration of projects planned for the implementation in PSEDA.

The decision to create a priority social and economic development area in CATF of Zheleznogorsk was made by the Government of the Russian Federation in February 2018. Professor Evgenia Bukharova, Director of the School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration of the Siberian Federal University, notes that the creation of PSEDA on the territory of the Yenisey Siberia will be one of the important factors that will provide a background for economic development: “The creation of a priority development area in cities such as Zheleznogorsk will open up an opportunity for social and economic growth through business development in the city”

Creation a territory with a special legal status implies a number of benefits for enterprises that will be selected in accordance with the procedure established at the federal level. Among the preferences there are corporate property and land taxes exemption, a free customs zone, priority connection to infrastructure, preferential lease of real estate.

“At the moment, Zheleznogorsk PSEDA has all the necessary infrastructure and prepared land with investment potential.  On the part of the Development Corporation, we will actively attract residents to PSEDA and provide them with a range of services that can meet all the needs for the implementation of investment projects, “said Sergey Ladyzhenko, Director General of the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation.

“Today, Atom-TOR is a competence centre in matters of comprehensive support of potential investors and PSEDA residents. We are glad to share our experience with partners who, like us, are focused on hard work, with the implementation of numerous new business projects in the priority development area as a result.  We are open to cooperation, ready to adopt and scale up the best practices and accumulated experience of our colleagues. I am sure that we will be able to do even more for the development of the Zheleznogorsk PSEDA and the economy of the Krasnoyarsk Region as a whole by joining forces with the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation” added Nikolay Pegin, Director General of JSC Atom-TOR.

 The JSC Atom-TOR was created by the Rosatom State Atomiс Energy Corporation as a management company for the PSEDA of the “closed” cities of the nuclear industry.

Earlier, the representatives of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation took part in the strategic session of JSC Atom-TOR “PSEDA as a driver of progress” dedicated to the development of Zheleznogorsk PSEDA.