Khakassia cements bilateral relations with Mongolia

Chimid Ganbold, council general of Mongolia in Kyzyl, and Myanganbayar Ganbat, council, paid an official visit to the government of the Khakassian region to discuss the prospects of Khakassia and Mongolia cooperation. The meeting was chaired by Valentin Konovalov and attended by line ministers, Director General of the Development Fund and the head of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation in the Republic of Khakassia.

The participants discussed the involvement of the republic in the complex investment project by Yenisey Siberia as well as joint work on measures to unlock the social and economic potential of the region, improve touristic attractiveness and investment climate.

Mikhail Krutskikh, Deputy Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, Head of the Office for the Republic of Khakassia, reported about industrial and infrastructure projects currently under implementation by Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation in the frame of the CIP at the territory of the republic, and about the work aimed at developing the potential of the region.

Another topic of the discussion was the construction of additional transport routes between Mongolia and Khakassia as a means to forge touristic relations. “Khakassia, together with other regions of Yenisey Siberia, is a popular holiday destination for the Mongolian people. A direct flight will significantly improve transport accessibility of the republic,” Mikhail Krutskikh said.

Valentin Konovalov thanked council general Chimid Ganbold and council Myanganbayar Ganbat for visiting Khakassia and emphasised the importance of the longstanding relations with Mongolia and the cooperation in different areas. “I am sure that friendship between the Republic of Khakassia and Mongolia will last and flourish, bringing benefits to both parties. We have many common interests, directions and shared fields for efficient and mutually advantageous cooperation. The government of Khakassia in its turn is ready to support this process in any way needed so that our joint plans come into reality successfully and joint goals are hit,” Valentin Konovalov stated.

Council general then expressed confidence that Mongolia and Khakassia will continue their fruitful cooperation and develop bilateral business relations. “We appreciate the attention your government paid to us and are interested in keeping our relations as win-win as they are now and developing trade and economic relations,” Chimid Ganbold said.