Krasnoyarsk Region Enterprises Participate in Construction of Vysokogorsky Bridge over Yenisey

Krasnoyarsk Region companies take part in the construction of a bridge over the Yenisey River in the area of Vysokogorsky Village both as suppliers and subcontractors.

Being the general contractor of the northernmost bridge over the Yenisey, Mostostroi-11 is conducting on-the-site preparation work now. Previously, the general contractor and the Ministry of Transport of Krasnoyarsk Region agreed on the possible engagement of the regional manufacturers in the project supplies. Currently, a Krasnoyarsk company is already working under a superstructure supply contract. Besides that, three more local enterprises are involved in the bridge construction project.

For instance, Mostokonstruktsiya, a Krasnoyarsk company, will manufacture lining blocks for the bridge supports. The reinforced concrete structures produced by the company are used for the construction of the river bridges over the Tom in Kemerovo and the Angara in Irkutsk, the Chita-Khabarovsk highway, and also for the construction and repair of the Sakhalin bridges, and some other facilities.

Reinforced concrete road slabs will be produced by the Krasnoyarsk Reinforced Concrete and Metal Structures Plant. For more than 70 years, this plant has been producing reinforced concrete products for the construction of industrial, energy, housing and public use buildings, roads and airfields. 

Lesosibirsk-Avtodor is going to be a subcontractor responsible for preparations of the construction site along with temporary roads and bridge approaches.  The company provides a full range of work on the construction, maintenance and repair of public roads and road structures, the construction and maintenance of ice crossings, as well as the construction and repair of bridges.

The contracts with the subcontractor and local service providers are estimated at almost 939 million roubles.

The bridge construction is a part of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. Contracting these and other Yenisey Siberia enterprises to participate in implementation of Krasnoyarsk Region, Tuva and Khakassia investment projects makes it possible to reduce logistics costs and develop local business.


Cover photo: Sergei Filinin