Siberian Generating Company launches new stack of Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 1

Siberian Generating Company has put into service a new smokestack at Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 1 and is still building electrostatic filters as a part of the green upgrade. To date, three boiler units have been linked up to the stack, and three more are to be connected by the end of 2020. During the month, the specialists will continue with start-up and adjustment operations of the equipment.

Now they are dealing with three electrostatic filters installation. This gas cleaning equipment is to gradually replace active battery-operated centrifugal collectors at the station. The first filter will start operating later this year. The final environmental impact can be assessed after the installation of all 14 boiler units. The project of the Krasnoyarsk heating supply system development and improvement is a part of the Yenisey Siberia CIP and aims at the complex green update of the generating capacities.

“Before 2025, a quarter of the whole volume of the station’s emissions is to be reduced. We are talking about reducing particulate matters and ash in the atmosphere by times. The electrostatic filters we build will allow us to have 50 milligrams per cubic metre instead of 500. The stacks’ height also plays a crucial role in terms of emission dispersion and reduction of their concentration. Dispersion provided by the old stacks being 105 metres high was far less effective. Eventually, it is not the volume of emissions that matters to Krasnoyarsk citizens but their concentration in the surface layer, place where we live,” General Director of Siberian Generating Company Stephan Solzhenitsyn emphasised.

The company’s plans also include the installation of an automated system of emissions control that will allow measure composition and physical parameters of emitted gases on a continuous basis. The monitoring system will start operating by the end of 2020. The emissions will be controlled in relation to ten criteria.

Krasnoyarsk Region Governor Alexander Uss attended the launch event of the new smokestack. The Head of the region noted that the electrostatic filters would soon be put into service, which means a gradual liquidation of all ineffective boiler houses.

More than 14 billion roubles are planned to be invested in the upgrade of Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 1 by Siberian Generating Company before December 2024. The company has allocated another 15 billion roubles on the development of heating infrastructure. Part of these funds is aimed to build new heating mains to replace ineffective boiler houses. What is more, the project implies an emission reduction of other industrial enterprises, a change in the city’s transport system and an introduction of alternative heating methods for the private sector.


Source: SGC Online