Construction site of Vysokogorsky bridge across the Yenisey is being prepared

Being the general contractor for the construction of the northernmost bridge over the Yenisey, Mostostroi-11 is carrying out the preparation stage of the work. At the moment the company is settling a construction site, preparing land parcels, building access roads, equipping a warehouse for structures and surveying the soil for pile foundation. The contractor’s plans include raising 6 out of 11 bridge pillars. This also requires ground surveying, including at the river bed.

The bridge construction is funded from the local and federal budgets on a parity basis. The marginal cost of the object is limited to 8 billion 269 million roubles, 767 million roubles of which are meant to be spent on construction in 2020.

Earlier on, the Ministry of Transport of Krasnoyarsk Region and Mostostroi-11 achieved an agreement on the opportunities for regional producers to be engaged in the part supplies for the project. The key condition for local producers will be their conformity to two essential project criteria, which are the quality and the deadline. Alexander Uss, the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region, took such an initiative and noted that it is a chance for Krasnoyarsk enterprises to propose a favourable price by reducing logistics cost.

One of the Krasnoyarsk contractors has already been involved in the fulfilment of the order for manufacturing 33-meter superstructures. What is more, East-Siberian Metal Construction Company from Nazarovo is under consideration to become a metal superstructures supplier. In total, nine thousand tonnes of steel structures are needed for the object. In the near future, it is planned to prepare a list of regional companies able to fulfil the orders for the bridge building to a high standard and within an appropriate time, and audit them.

Visokogorsky bridge is planned to be finished in November 2023. According to the project, the bridge length is 2 km, while the crossing itself is 1.2 km long. The motorway of the III-category road will be of two-lane type. Moreover, there are going to be border crossings and a roundabout at the left riverbank. At the moment, the transport communication is organised across the ice in winter and by ferry boat in summer.

The bridge construction is a part of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project and is meant to provide all-year access to the populated areas. What is more, the construction of the transport infrastructure will allow carrying out several other Yenisey Siberia CIP projects in the sphere of mineral extraction and processing on the territory of Angara and Yenisey economic area.