Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project included in the tourism development concept of the Republic of Tyva

The project for the establishment of an autotourism cluster in Tyva, incorporated into the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project, has been included in the tourism development concept of the Republic of Tyva till the year 2025.

VISITTUVA.RU. Centre of Asia autotourism cluster assumes implementation of several projects for the construction of the tourism and supporting infrastructures in the municipal entities of the Republic of Tyva. The project concept foresees the development of sports, wellness and ethnotourism products including visits to touristic sites.

The project includes the plan of construction of a modern multifunctional tourism facility along the Turan – Kyzyl – Chadan – Khandagayty – Mongolian border section of M54 Yenisey federal motorway to perform cultural and educational, social and political, business, sports and entertainment functions and designed to preserve, popularize and develop the ethnocultural heritage of the Republic.

VISITTUVA.RU. Centre of Asia unites several projects covered by the tourism development concept of the Republic of Tyva, namely:  

– Creation of Eco-Tyva touristic agrofarm in the Kyzyl District

– Construction of an all-season children’s camp in the Tandinsky District

– Establishment of Cheder-KINEZI recreation resort and wellness facility in Kyzyl District

– Creation of the Shaman’s House Ethnographic Centre in the city of Kyzyl

– Construction of a multifunctional ethnocultural tourism facility in Kaa-Khemsky District (Aldyn-Bulak 2)

– Establishment of a tourism logistics centre for fishing in the Kaa-Khemsky and Chaa-Kholsky District

– Construction of Taiga ski resort complex in Piy-Khemsky District

The implementation of the said projects creates the conditions for the development of transborder tourism, interregional and international cooperation, provide the region with well-developed infrastructure and raise investment in the Republic. Moreover, the project is expected to increase the rate of population employment in tourism and associated domains by creating new jobs at the autotourism cluster and stimulating entrepreneur initiatives, including raising the number of small and medium-sized businesses, microcompanies and the tourism industry in the Republic of Tyva in general.