Siberian Electronic Customs to contribute to the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project

Krasnoyarsk Region Governor Alexander Uss held the first meeting with the Head of Siberian Electronic Customs Egor Wegner. The parties discussed the results and perspectives of the newly established body operation and touched upon the question of customs formalities within the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.

“The Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project is reaching its active implementation phase. This means that soon it may require immediate clearance of a large number of goods and resources. There is no doubt that our region is interested in improving customs management procedures. Digitalization of communication matches the current needs of the region and representatives of the real economy sector,” highlighted the Governor.

The Resolution on the placement of one of the structural subdivisions of the integrated electronic customs network in the territory of the Region was approved by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2018. Siberian Electronic Customs began operating in August 2019. The new entity is a specialized customs body with a competence limited to the clearance of customs operations in the electronic form only.

Within the first six months, specialists from Krasnoyarsk drew up over 42 thousand declarations, bringing over 21 billion roubles into the federal budget. According to the Head of the Electronic Customs Egor Wegner, in the future the scale of work is expected to expand by several times, reaching 350 thousand declarations per year. By 2021, Siberian Electronic Customs will remain the only customs body in the Siberian Federal District, authorized to declare any goods in the electronic form. This will prevent the declaration of such strategically important goods like timber and other natural resources in different customs bodies to combat corruption and to reduce the document processing period significantly.