Engineering survey for Syradasay coal deposit project approved by Glavgosexpertiza

Krasnoyarsk Office of Glavgosexpertiza (Main Department of State Expertise) of Russia approved the results of the engineering survey carried out for the development of design documentation for the mining operations at the Syradasay coal deposit in Taymyr Dolgano-Nenets Municipal District of Krasnoyarsk Region. The engineering survey was performed to prepare for the construction of the open pit and the associated infrastructure for the first stage of mining at Yugo-Zapadny, the largest site of the deposit.

The Syradasay deposit is one of the richest in valuable coking coals used in metallurgy; the resources are estimated at 5.3 billion tonnes. The deposit exploration implies the construction of the West Taymyr industrial cluster for the production of coal concentrates from the coking coal in the Taymyr peninsula including an open coal pit, a deep coal preparation plant, a rotation village and Yenisey marine sea terminal. The cluster construction project is incorporated in the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. The project implementation is expected to become an important milestone in the social and economic development of the north of Krasnoyarsk Region.

The project will be invested into by Severnaya Zvezda company, a member of AEON Corporation. Previously, the company got the approval of the State Board for Environmental Review for the deposit sites.

“The consistent efforts on preparing the project for implementation, including the collection of all required permissions, prove that the Taymyr coal cluster construction project will not have delays. The commencement of the on-site construction and assembly is scheduled for the current year,” said Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko.


Cover photo: Sergei Filinin