Major companies of Yenisey Siberia regions positively evaluate perspectives for resuming their business activities

Since 24 April, Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation in collaboration with Consortium Leontief Centre – AV Group and Siberian Federal University have been issuing the monthly Business Index of the Yenisey Siberia Regions. For the first time since the beginning of the monitoring, the index exceeded the threshold of 0.5 points, which proves business activity resumption of the companies involved in the survey.

The index is made up based on the survey of 17 companies being the major taxpayers of Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Tyva, the Republic of Khakassia, investors of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. It can be used to monitor the economic dynamics of the companies in the Yenisey Siberia regions.

According to the last survey results, the companies began positively evaluate the possibility to have more orders in the industrial segment. The employment rate has been marked as getting a positive trend. Also, there is a potential for increasing the product output, and the commodity stock and suppliers’ performance are favourable.

“The major companies of the Yenisey Siberia regions began evaluating the basic indicators of their performance more positively than before. This proves the resumption of their business and investment activity in the nearest future,” remarked Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko.