Russian Railways energetic efforts to increase Artyshta−Mezhdurechensk− Tayshet section throughput

Russian Railways (its Krasnoyarsk branch) are performing construction and assembly for the project called the Increase of Artyshta−Mezhdurechensk−Tayshet railroad section capacity implemented in the frame of Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.  The company management is planning to allocate about 100 billion roubles throughout the investment project implementation phase. 

In 2019, the Russian coal sold abroad amounted to 217.5  billion tonnes (which is 3.4% more as compared to 2018), the bulk of which (32,8 billion tonnes) was transported via Mezhdurechensk−Tayshet railroad. The development of this railroad section will contribute to the bigger capacity of the transport corridor for coal and other export products.

Currently, the activities in progress at the Mezhdurechensk−Tayshet section are the construction of additional main lines in several sections and the build-up of the Abakan−Kuragino and Kuragino−Sayanskaya electricity supply lines. In 2019, the Russian Railways contractors erected about 100 kilometres of contact lines, built and repaired 55 kilometres of rails and 30 switches, commissioned about 40 kilometres of second main lines at Dzheb−Shchetinkino, Irba−Krasny Kordon and Zhuravlevo−577 Kilometre sections and a passing loop at Agul−Korostelevo section. The construction of 13 out of 22 facilities scheduled for 2019 was shifted to 2020. In 2020, after all the project implementation bottlenecks have been resolved, Russian Railways plan to complete the commenced activities within the agreed time frame.

At the same time, as the line throughput capacity is under improvement, it is also planned to develop the infrastructure of the production facilities transporting their goods in this direction. Russian Railways ambition is to increase the line capacity up to 80 cargo train-pairs by 2025 to take on the new cargo opportunities.