Contractor defined to build bridge near Vysokogorsky Village

Mostostroi-11 has won the tender and became the contractor to build a bridge across the Yenisey near the village of Vysokogorsky in the Yeniseysk district of Krasnoyarsk Region. The contractor is currently signing the contract and later is going to embark on the preparatory works. The construction is scheduled to be completed by 30 November 2023.

The primary (maximum) contract price stood at 7.2 billion roubles. The final protocol of the procurement committee quotes three applicants, two of which made it through to the public sale. The winner bid 6 billion roubles for the contract.  As part of the construction, it is planned to create a road crossing about 2 km long; the length of the bridge itself will be 1.2 km. Besides, there will be a roundabout and exits to public roads, in particular to the Krasnoyarsk-Yeniseysk highway.

“The Mostostroi-11 Company infallibly lives up to its commitments. Its team is only made up of real professionals with a wealth of experience that they have gained while delivering most complex projects. Some of these in the company portfolio include projects successfully completed in conditions of Extreme North, offshore zones and rocky landscapes. Surely enough, the bridge over the Yenisey in Krasnoyarsk Region will be built to the highest quality standards and on time,” pointed out Denis Napolskikh, Project Head Manager.

For the record, Mostostroi-11 has been engaged in such projects as the Surgut cable-stayed bridge over the Ob River, the Crimean Bridge, the Irtysh bridge crossing in Kazakhstan and the ‘Red Dragon’ in Khanty-Mansiysk. Mostostroi-11 is currently working on the construction of a bridge crossing over the Pur River in Yamal, as well as bridges over the Artyomovka River in the Far East and the Sheksna River in Vologda Oblast.

The bridge construction is included in the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. It will improve the accessibility of the Lower Angara areas rich in timber and fossil fuels. As of now, the Yenisey can only be crossed in winter and by ferry in summer. The new route will be available for all vehicles regardless of their off-road performance. 

According to Sergei Ladyzhenko, Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, the bridge construction in Yeniseysk district will significantly boost local growth. “The new infrastructure will facilitate exploration of the territory, generate new opportunities for residents and local businesses, and attract investors to the area.  We expect local suppliers of goods and services to take part in this strategic project as early as at the stage of construction,” noted Sergei Ladyzhenko.

Cover photo: Sergei Filinin