Krasnoyarsk scientists to research Ak-Sug ore cluster

The Intergeo Russian mining company and Siberian Federal University are carrying out a joint project on researching the Ak-Sug fields in the Republic of Tyva.

A team of scientists from Siberian Federal University headed by Professor Vladimir Makarov who is in charge of the School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology, is to conduct research aimed to identify copper and porphyry fields within the Ak-Sug ore cluster. The research was initiated by Tyvamed, a daughter of Intergeo Management Company.

Lev Kuznetsov, Director General of Intergeo Management Company, points out that the integration of the largest Siberian university and the Russian mining company is a useful and mutually beneficial partnership. “Intergeo Management Company has its priority to give comprehensive support to domestic producers and educational institutions and attract the region’s science potential to finding solutions for applied problems at various stages of the project realization aimed at creating a producer of battery metals.  Scientists will have a chance to see their developments in action. The client is going to get recommendations as to geological exploration work, which will significantly boost their efficiency and reduce financial costs and timing budget,” pointed out Lev Kuznetsov. 

 The research will help to define and range the areas loaded with porphyry copper deposits across the Ak-Sug ore cluster, and suggest recommendations for further geological exploration work. Vladimir Makarov, Director of School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology, says that geological structures of the East Sayan and Ak-Sug porphyry copper fields have considerable potential in terms of retrieving geochemical and geophysical data and building a predictive exploratory model of mineralization.

The research will draw from published, stored and archived data on the geological structure of the Ak-Sug ore cluster. Scientists are going to collect, systematize, give an expert evaluation and re-interpret the data at hand to define the most prospective areas. It will form a unified digital database structure, with an inventory of known ore deposits within the bounds of the Ak-Sug ore cluster.

The findings are planned to be used in the development of a geological-genetic and geological-exploratory model for porphyry copper mineralization in the East Sayan metallogenic province. In addition, researchers are to define and range the exploration criteria and features of porphyry copper mineralization in terms of their importance. It will translate into a predictive metallogenic map of the ore cluster with an estimation given to the mineral deposits.

According to Sergei Ladyzhenko, Director General of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, as alternative types of energy continue to develop and spawn the growth in production of electric cars, the nearest decades will see a steady upward trend in consumption of copper and nickel. “Researches and exploration of deposit areas will allow for more accurate prediction of prospective projects. It may as well result in creating the third-largest centre of non-ferrous industry in Russia that will form a new economic powerhouse,” added Sergei Ladyzhenko.

Currently, the Intergeo Group of Companies is in the active phase of the project realization to create the battery metal producer, so it has embarked on the preparatory stage of constructing the Ak-Sug MPP and the related infrastructure in the Republic of Tyva. The mining and processing plant is to become a systemic enterprise and one of the most significant projects carried out within the framework of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.

Key Parameters:

– planned to be commissioned in 2023

– ore mining and processing output stands at 24 mln tonnes per year

– annual average concentrate volume ≈ 430,000 – 638,000 tonnes

– latest technologies and top-notch, world-class equipment

– minimal environmental burden

– up to 2,000 new jobs (including ones in the related infrastructure)

– marketable output as per annual estimates stands at 55-65 billion roubles

– annual tax liabilities of 8 bln rubles to budgets of various levels

The geological and mining conditions of the deposits allowed for open-cut mining. This mining technology is common in the territory of the Russian Federation. The foreseen environmental activities make it possible to minimize the adverse impact.

The Ak-Sug porphyry copper deposits are located 240 km northeast of Kyzyl, in the upper reaches of the Ak-Sug river on the southern slopes of the East Sayan (Sorug ridge), in the northeastern remotest and unpopulated part of Tyva.

The total amount of ore deposits in place is estimated to stand at 534.8 million, with 3,633,300 tonnes of copper. 

The field was discovered by G.V. Makhin and N.E. Kostin back in 1952, and was rated as one with extremely high potential.

The deposits are developed by Golevskaya Ore-Mining Company (100% daughter of Intergeo Management Company) based on KZL 13960 TE license for development and extraction of copper, molybdenum and associated components at the Ak-Sug porphyry copper fields.