Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation to contribute to the eastern district development roadmap

The Region Governor Alexander Uss has held a meeting on the development of the Kansk-Aban economic district. The chairman of the Krasnoyarsk Region Government Sergey Vereschyagin presented a report on the current state and development prospects of the territory.

Located in the East of the region, the Kansk-Aban group includes the town of Kansk and Abansky, Dzerzhinsky, Ilansky, Kansky, Nizhneingashsky and Taseevsky Districts. At the present moment, the economy of these territories is mostly represented by the forest industry, agriculture, coal mining and food production. Among the competitive advantages of the region, there are good transport accessibility, proximity to the actively developing Lower Angara area, and easy export reaches to Southeast Asia. The natural and climatic conditions of the Districts are convenient for the intensive development of the agricultural production industry.

All these factors create a good development potential of the Kansk-Aban zone regardless of the absence of any significant mineral deposits. At the same time, the investment in the Kansk-Aban District is assessed as insufficient. The investment into the equity capital does not exceed seven thousand roubles per capita (versus the mean average regional value of 21 thousand roubles per capita).

During the meeting, with due regard to the existing potential and the readiness of the investors, it was resolved to establish several centres of industrial development in the agro-industrial complex,  timber processing, construction industries and services for the needs of the major companies. Even now, there are several investment projects announced to be implemented in the territory to create the points of development for industrial and service functions.

Based on the collected offers, the Head of Region issued a task to prepare an economic development roadmap for the Kansk-Aban group of districts for the nearest future, including the list of the currently implemented and scheduled investment projects, their commencement timelines, and the necessary government support measures.

“There are some points of growth that have already developed in this territory by now; Kansk is becoming a serious timber processing centre, the Filimonovsky Dairy Plant is reviving its former glory, and there are many more positive changes we see coming. It is time for us to take a comprehensive approach to the development of the entire eastern group based on these points to achieve some tangible results. If needed, we are ready to concentrate some additional financial resources there or to get new governmental support mechanisms involved. Together, we can make it change for the better,” remarked Alexander Uss.

Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation will continue working on the concept of the roadmap for the development of the Kansk-Aban economic district, including the work on many investment projects supported by the Corporation in the given territory.


Cover photo: Sergei Filinin