Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Negotiates Ways of Cooperation with Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation

On June 19 in Moscow, Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation had an online conference with the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France Russie). The meeting was attended by Olga Belyakova, Deputy Director General of CCI France Russie; Lidia Sutormina, Director for Event Management of CCI France Russie; and heads of offices of Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Kyzyl and Abakan.

For over 20 years CCI France Russie has played a central role in business activities among leading French and Russian companies. With more than 400 member companies, it is one of the top five French chambers of commerce abroad. The main scope of activities performed by CCI France Russie is to develop the business community, lobby its interests and support companies.

Another line of its activities is aimed at promoting the economic and investment potential of various regions of Russia in France to encourage business with French companies, discuss tangible opportunities of mutually beneficial cooperation, expand economic interaction and develop joint programs that involve investment projects within the essential industries of Russian regions.

The online conference gave a chance to representatives of CCI France Russie and the Corporation to discuss options and directions of cooperation in the presentation of activities. The Corporation put forward a few investment projects, some of which may be of interest to the French business. The parties have reached some preliminary agreement about cooperation and roadshow planning to promote the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project and attract investors from abroad.

Currently, CCI France Russie is considering some investment projects that originate in  Krasnoyarsk Region, Tuva and Khakassia, and is about to embark on the joint promotion campaign jointly with Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation.