Segezha Group to reforest areas in Krasnoyarsk Region

KsyloTech-Syberia, part of Segezha Group, procured 100 thousand Siberian spruce seeds for planting in the leased forest parcels in Yeniseysk District of Krasnoyarsk Region and commenced the reforestation project. The seeds are sown in the territory of the Yeniseysk forestry by volunteers from the staff of KsyloTech-Syberia and Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1. The first batch of 100 thousand seeds was sown in the area of 30 hectares; an additional supply of 685 thousand seeds is expected. Before the 10th of June in the forest parcels of Motygino, Boguchansky, and Kezhemsky Districts of Krasnoyarsk Region, approximately 1.5 tonnes of Scots pine seeds are planned to be sown. Besides the LDK plant own staff, some contractor organizations will be involved in the project.

“Segezha Group observes sustainable logging principles and works in compliance with the environmental conservation and forest care requirements, thereby implementing the intensive forest exploitation method. With the balance maintained, our processing capacities are continuously supplied with the required raw materials,” remarks Vice President of Segezha Group Evgeniy Batalov.

The annual seed sowing operation is carried out as an obligation of the company for the implementation of the priority investment projects in the sphere of forest exploitation. Previously, under the “Development of full-cycle timber processing plant in the town of Lesosibirsk” project, the company has purchased and commissioned a sawmill, six drying chambers and a pellet production plant.

Let us remind you that Segezha Group is a member of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. Within the development of the Angara-Yenisey economic district, the company is planning to implement a project for the construction of a biotechnological facility in the town of Lesosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk Region, incorporating the establishment of a pulp and paper mill at the premises of Lesosibirsky LDK No.1.