Khakass river and cruise tourism project is looking for investors

Berkuty is a project that suggests the establishment of a river and cruise tourism zone in the Republic of Khakassia, on the bank of Krasnoyarsk Reservoir. At the moment, the authors of the tourism cluster project are looking for investment to construct the facilities, and arrange the service and utility infrastructure. The Republic of Khakassia is getting more and more attractive for tourists. In the project territory, the bank of the Yenisey River features a convenient shape, picturesque places and lookouts, and therefore fits for building a recreation facility.

The main facility of the zone will be Berkuty recreation centre including a multifunctional indoor complex, a water park, a campsite with well-developed infrastructure, a river station, multisport grounds and a rescue centre. Moreover, a cottage village with a well-developed infrastructure will be built. According to the project authors, the tourism cluster may continue its development along the Yenisey into Krasnoyarsk Region, covering the territories of the tourism facilities in Anash, Atamanovo and Bor villages.

The project is at the planning stage at the moment. The project documents are in process, the principles of communication with the potential investors, customers, contractors and suppliers are being worked on, and the land parcel issues are being solved.