Healthy ready-to-eat meal production and distribution project is looking for investors

Tasty Day is the leader in the healthy nutrition market of the Republic of Khakassia. Its business model implies healthy meal delivery, consulting and development of individual diets adjusted to any needs of the customer, such as weight loss or weight maintenance, high physical load, vegetarian or gluten-free diet and detox diets.

By the present moment, the company has developed a customer base, acquired some experience, put together a team of specialists from chefs to medical and sports consultants and achieved brand recognition in the territory of Khakassia. In the year 2020, the Company opened its first branch in Krasnoyarsk and started a YouTube channel.

“According to RBC statistics, the demand for healthy nutrition is consistently growing; the engagement of the population constitutes 13%. Moreover, in today’s self-quarantine situation, ready-to-eat meal delivery service has become a promising branch of business,” emphasize the project authors.

The project initiators are planning to expand their ready-to-eat meal delivery chain to 3000 branches in different cities of Russia and 500 outlets in the CIS countries, and to establish semi-finished food production workshops to minimize the expenses of the retail outlets. The chain will be represented in over 300 cities with a minimum population of 50 thousand people. By the present moment, the operation permits have been collected, two branches in Abakan and Krasnoyarsk have been commissioned; the financial model and the chain strategy have been developed.

In the nearest future, the opening of two semi-finished food production workshops and 241 delivery outlets requires the investment of 250 million roubles. For this purpose, the company is seeking a co-investor, who would purchase a share in the company and get entitled to a considerable profit.


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