Abakan-Biysk road construction project commenced in Khakassia

Asphalt laying on the Birikchul-Vershina Tei motorway, a part of the Abakan-Biysk transport corridor, has begun. Being a part of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project, it includes the construction of a transport corridor to make the shortest connection between the Republic of Khakassia and Siberian regions. The area reconstruction laid the foundation stone for the large-scale Khakassian transport infrastructure project.

According to Deputy Head of the Republic of Khakassia Yury Kurlaev, in the nearest future, the asphalt coating is planned to be laid on the 4.5 kilometres long area stretching from Birikchul village to Vershina Tei village in Askiz District. “We are planning to extend the asphalt coating by 3-4 km every year. The goal is to make a modern asphalt-coated motorway to Vershina Tei village in at least four years,” said Yury Kurlaev. For this purpose, in the years 2020-2021 around 170 million roubles will be allocated for the project.

The Abakan-Biysk transport corridor construction project is carried out under the cooperation agreement signed between Khakassia, the Government of the Altai Territory and the Kemerovo Region Administration Panel.  The main goal of the agreement is to provide transport accessibility and proactive development of Siberian regions. The constructed road will shorten the travel time to Mongolia and Kazakhstan, at the same time reducing the truck transportation costs. One of the priority tasks of the Abakan-Biysk transport corridor construction is removing the infrastructural limits, acceleration of the economic growth and increasing the tax revenues into the budgets of the three regions.

The total length of the Abakan-Biysk transportation route is 701.74 km. The new motor road will play an important role in interregional tourism development.


Source: 19rus.info

Cover photo: Sergei Filinin