Kraslesivest starts forest regeneration

A member of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project has opened the conifer seed-sowing season. On the land plots leased by Kraslesinvest, the company is planning to sow over 300 kg of seeds, which may produce 21,000,000 trees. Pine-tree seeds have already been sown in the area of 320 ha on the company land plots in Khrebtovskoe and Gremuchenskoe forest districts of Krasnoyarsk Region.

After tree felling, Kraslesinvest runs forest regeneration campaigns on a regular basis. Before sowing, in the early spring and the previous autumn, the soil is prepared, and then the seeds are sown in the territory of up to 2045 ha.

Besides sowing the seeds, the company provides regular agrotechnical tending, which includes soil loosening, thinning, and digging around the trees. With the previous years’ experience in mind, the company handles the territory of 1306 ha per year.

Under the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project, Kraslesinvest runs a project for the expansion of the current forest exploitation activity and adding value to the released products. The project of the company stands for the rational forest exploitation; the corporate responsibility for the annual forest regeneration facilitates fulfiling the plan for the establishment and future operation of a unique vertically integrated complex, covering the entire lumber processing cycle from the raw material harvesting to release of high value-added products.



Cover photo: Alexander Kupriyanov