Belgian airlines launch service through Krasnoyarsk Airport

On May 11, Krasnoyarsk International Airport named after D. Khvorostovsky held a welcoming ceremony of the first Airbus A340 of Air Belgium airlines. The Belgian air carrier makes China-to-Europe deliveries of medical equipment and personal protective gear for combating COVID-19.

Krasnoyarsk Airport continues working with the airlines all over the world regardless of the reduced passenger traffic. In May, the Airport was chosen by Air Belgium for refuelling and crew change during delivery of the medical equipment and personal protective gear from China to Europe. The service will continue for as long as there is a need for delivery. For the month of May, 12 flights are scheduled.

Even though the aircraft is designed for passenger carriage, during the pandemic it runs cargo service. Similarly, during the quarantine period, cargo flights via Krasnoyarsk were served by Ural Airlines, Smartavia, Azur Air, and GetJet Airlines.

The airport management remarks that in the first quarter of 2020 three times more cargo flights have been served from Krasnoyarsk. Compared to the previous year, the cargo takeoff and landing rates have increased by 208%. Moreover, another record was broken compared with March last year: 300 departures (279%) compared to 79 last March.



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