Rosneft starts exploration drilling under Vostok Oil project

President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Rosneft Oil Company Igor Sechin. At the meeting, the Head of Rosneft reported the President about the exploration well drilling at the Zapadno-Irkinsky license area of one of the world largest oil and gas projects Vostok Oil, which unites the Vankor group fields under current exploration and the newly discovered fields of Krasnoyarsk Region.

The resource potential of the Vostok Oil project exceeds 5 billion tonnes of light sweet crude beating the Brent oil in its properties. The potential of crude supplies to the raw material markets is assessed at 25 million tonnes per year for the year 2024, 50 million tonnes per year by 2027 and 115 million tonnes per year by 2030.

Vostok Oil is a powerful driver of the Russian economy. According to the RAS Institute of Economic Forecasting, the expected economic effect is 9.3 RUR per every rouble invested.  Implementation of the project will yield 2 per cent of GDP growth per year.

For the nearest years, the President of the country set a task to load the Northern Sea Route as an all-season full-scale navigation artery.

Vostok Oil will provide a significant share of the cargo traffic to be supplied by the Arctic route. Over 100 million tonnes of hydrocarbons produced by the project fields every year will be transported by the ice-class tankers on the Northern Sea Route. These ships are currently being built at Zvezda, Russia’s first heavy civil shipbuilding dockyard.

The Zapadno-Irkinsky license area is located in the Taymyr peninsula, above the 70th parallel, 400 km to the north from the Polar Circle on the right side of the Yenisey River. The nearest town, Dudinka, is located 140 km to the south from the area.

The Vostok Oil project incorporates the Vankor Cluster (15 oilfields, the major ones: Suzunskoe, Tagulskoe, Lodochnoe, Vankorskoe), the Zapadno-Irkinsky area (Rosneft), the Payakha fields (Neftegazholding) and the East Taymyr cluster oilfields.

The equipment and the materials required for drilling in the Zapando-Irkinsky area were delivered from the port of Arkhangelsk on the Northern Sea Route. By the beginning of drilling, around 10 thousand tonnes of cargo including equipment, materials, fuel and special machines have been supplied.

The target well depth is 4200 m with the extended reach by 1500 m. The drilling is done with a unique Taymyr-001 echelon rig with a capacity of 450 tons. The rig was designed for drilling in the Extreme North, in the temperatures reaching -50°С. In the completely covered mode, which also includes coverage of the rig, the catwalk and the working zones, the works can be carried out under the wind of 33 m/s, providing high energy efficiency, maximum comfort of labour and preventing weather-induced shutdowns.

The drilling rig is equipped with drilling fluid collection units that ensure compliance with the strictest environmental standards.

Due to the unique geographic position of the project, the oil can be supplied by the Northern Sea Route both to the rapidly growing Asian and the traditional European markets.