A new retail format with no parallels in Krasnoyarsk is searching for investors

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation is supporting an investment proposal for the establishment of a new unrivalled food market in the marketplace coworking format.

The project authors have prepared a new catering and leisure format unprecedented for Krasnoyarsk and anywhere else beyond the Urals; at the moment, the project is seeking strategic investors.

Street For Eat marketplace coworking is a chain of food coworking spaces for gastronomic entrepreneurs in the format of food markets aimed at mass-market consumers. This is a new alternative retail format that emerged as a response to the rapidly changing society consumption model. Such marketplaces have already become popular in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Sochi. Though not represented in other cities of Russia, the format has all the chances to get recognized in today’s catering market.

The competitive advantages of the Street For Eat for the customers include a unique choice of dishes and client zones in the free flow format, automated feedback system and quality control, affordability, a set of IT solutions for the comfortable access to all the available services and a special atmosphere.

To the companies, the marketplace coworking will provide a completely equipped space with a high-performance IT structure and a customer traffic forecast, an opportunity of presenting their product to the public and promoting their brands, besides keeping them safe from the direct competition within the marketplace.

“A little over six months ago, I and my team developed an innovative business model which shows a high and stable financial potential in any financial modelling and tests, proving its huge potential of scaling both in the Russian Federation and abroad. We are ready to do an online presentation for all the interested investors,” say the authors of the project.

By the present moment, all essential preparation have been completed: the developer has got a permit for construction of the first flagship site and all the permissions required for connection to the utilities. A product development strategy and a 5-year financial plan have also been elaborated.

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