Opportunities to apply global interregional development experience to Angara-Yenisey Macroregion discussed by experts

Today, an online video strategic session dedicated to the effective macroregion development stimulation initiatives was held, initiated by the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation. The subject of the discussion was the global experience and successful macroregional development cases presented by Consortium Leontief Centre – AV Group. The experts analyzed the existing interregional economic and infrastructural cooperation practices and provided their recommendations on the adoption of such experience in Angara-Yenisey Macroregion.

The word included listing the key regional development cases featuring the relevant characteristics and demonstrating high growth rate of the key indicators, e.g. GRP, added value in the industry, share in the national GDP, population and average annual population growth rate. For comparison, the projects of the Western Economic Diversification Canada, Ohio Economy Revitalization, Danube Macroregion Comprehensive Development, Eastern Economic Growth Corridor of Malaysia, Deli-Mumbai Industrial Growth Corridor and the Big Mekong Megaregion Development were selected.

The experts analyzed the factors and efforts that ensure the success of such interregional projects and came up with their suggestions on adopting the given terms in Angara-Yenisey Macroregion. Among the listed key factors, there were: the presence of specialized development agencies or institutions, focus on industrial cluster (park) establishment, well-developed science and university network, and the presence of transport infrastructure.

The researchers remarked that Angara-Yenisey Macroregion features a number of opportunities that create a good foundation for the interregional growth. First of all, this is the institutional mechanism provided by the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, which acts as a link between the businesses, local and regional authorities, and the community. This is a powerful scientific potential that provides the use of universities as drivers for the innovative and industrial development. There is a good perspective for the regions to integrate into the interregional infrastructural projects, including the domestic water transport system development.

Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked that preparation of a macroregional development strategy is an important step on the way to implementing the spatial development strategy of Russia. “Best practice research is a common method used both at the federal and global levels. The experience shows that the macroregional approach may yield some serious results. We realize that the experience we studied cannot be copied, but some key ideas may serve as a foundation for our strategic documents,” said Sergei Ladyzhenko.


Photo by Sergei Filinin