Krasnoyarskgrafit investment project requires additional investment

The possibility to invest in modernisation of amorphous graphite production in Krasnoyarsk is offered to all interested in investment in existing facilities.

Krasnoyarskgrafit is the only enterprise which produces and supplies grinded cryptocrystalline graphite for ferrous metallurgy, casting and industrial rubber production in the RF and CIS countries. The modernisation project is supported by Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and requires a strategic investment amounting from 430 million roubles. The funds will be primarily raised for production facility modernisation.

The project has two scenarios: general modernisation – capacity of up to 15,000 tonnes per year, with 0.3-0.5% of sulphur and 85-92% of carbon in the end product; deep modernization – up to 46,000 tonnes per year, with 0.1% of sulphur and 99+% of carbon in the end product.

At the moment, natural grinded cryptocrystalline graphite production is in operation; there are licenses for graphite ore extraction. The modernisation plan is prepared considering evaluation of international clients and anticipated demand levels. The availability of clients from Europe and South-East Asia ready to conclude supply contracts for more than 40,000 tonnes per year with decreasing of sulphur content to 0.1% in end product is confirmed.

Considering sustainable growth of the graphite products demand in the Russian Federation, the largest amorphous graphite deposit in the Russian Federation located in Krasnoyarsk Region is a safe investment project.

Project details