Investments in Krasnoyarsk railway development to be over 45 bln roubles in 2020

In 2020 Russian Railways plan to invest 45.1 billion roubles in the development of Krasnoyarsk railway. This investment is 15% higher in comparison with the previous year.

In particular, 22.96 billion roubles will be allocated for increase of the Artyshta-Mezhdurechensk-Tayshet railroad section track capacity, which is a project of Yenisey Siberia CIP. 

The project is aimed at elimination of infrastructural limitations at the railway line from Mezhdurechensk to Tayshet, which is strategically important for the economy of the country, since this railway carries trains to the Far Eastern ports. This project means the increase of the railway line track capacity, in addition it will ensure uninterrupted export of the products shipped by railway transport and increased traffic efficiency by means of public infrastructure construction and renovation.

The modernization is aimed at ensuring the infrastructure compliance with modern standards of comfort and accessibility for passengers.