Development drivers for Republic of Tyva discussed in Kyzyl

On 10 March, the strategic session ‘Drivers of Macro-Region Development: Republic of Tyva’ was held in Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva, at the initiative of Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation. It was attended by representatives of regional authorities, Sberbank, Strategy Partners consulting company and business community of the region. Session participants discussed the prospects of the republic’s development entailed by the Yenisei Siberia CIP and other investment projects.

Tardan Gold, one of the investors of the Tardan ore gold deposit development project, mentioned main problems faced by large companies during implementation of various projects in the Republic of Tyva. These problems include the lack of necessary electric power capacity and the absence of a railroad – the most important logistical component for business of any level.

Aldyn-Kys Kongar, Chairman of Committee Supreme Khural of the Tyva Republic, voiced her proposals on the issue of selecting priority projects of the Republic of Tyva. Furthermore, representatives of the region’s small and medium-sized businesses came forward with their investment ideas in the agricultural sector. In turn, Shenne Baraan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tuva, gave a number of proposals for cooperation with the Ministry in this field.

Mikhail Tabaev, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Tyva, spoke about tourism industry development in the region, mentioned further prospects in this field and listed some tourist projects, which are already included in the Yenisei Siberia CIP.

Yenisei Siberia regions investment strategy being developed by the Strategy Partners consulting company was also presented at the session. The participants of the meeting noted the importance of this document for the region and made some proposals on the most important investment areas of the republic.

Yevgeniya Khertek, Head of Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation office in the Republic of Tyva, noted that the region has a powerful natural and logistical potential and that it is important to ensure coordinated work between the authorities, development institutions and financial organizations in order to have a sustainable growth in the region.

Summarizing the session, its participants expressed their readiness to continue joint work on setting priorities for the investment development in the republic.