Siberian Generating Company defines ambitious plans of Krasnoyarsk heating network renewal and construction in 2020

The development of Krasnoyarsk heating system and optimisation of its structure comprise a Siberian Generating Company’s project and a part of the Yenisey Siberia CIP. Apart from upgrade and expansion of Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 1 and expansion of Heating and Power Plant No. 3, the project suggests development and structural optimisation of the city heating system, and substitution of inefficient small boiler stations.

This year, Siberian Generating Company is going to build and renew around 20 thousand running meters of pipelines in Krasnoyarsk at a total cost of more than 1.5 billion rubles. It has been more than 20 years ago, when the city had such large-scale heating network construction last time. The work planned for 2020 exceeds annual work amount by 25%.

One of the purposes of such large-scale upgrade and construction project is an attempt to improve city ecology as per the Clean Air federal project. According to the project, 35 inefficient boiler stations will be closed in Krasnoyarsk. Seven of them have already been substituted with their coverage to be taken by Siberian Generating Company’s heating and power plants. To substitute the other 28 boiler stations, it is necessary to build and renew the heating network. 

The upgrade of the Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 1 is Another important part of the Siberian Generating Company’s ecology improvement program included in the Yenisey Siberia CIP. Today the plant fully corresponds to the law in terms of the emission volume, but it is still possible to do better filtration. For this reason, it is planned to design and install an electrostatic precipitator which should be able to remove over 99% of dust emissions. Such equipment is already operating at Heating and Power Plants No. 2 and No. 3. 

In 2020, Siberian Generating Company allocates 1.6 billion rubles for the Krasnoyarsk heating network construction, renewal and repair. When the work is finished, the area landscape will be restored with new trees and shrubs.


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