Construction of new Krasnoyarsk heating main connecting city on both river banks finished

On December 20, Siberian Generating Company completed the construction of the Krasnoyarsk heating main, which connected the right and left banks of the Yenisey through Nikolaevsky Bridge. As soon as the main is tested and put in operation, which is scheduled for the beginning of 2020, it will provide people living on both river banks with heat and hot water. 

The heating main will increase the reliability of heat supply and significantly improve the ecology and air quality in Krasnoyarsk as a part of inefficient heat sources will be closed. Siberian Generating Company is engaged in this work within the project of development of Krasnoyarsk heat supply system and optimization of heat supply structure. The project is part of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project. 

This is the largest project related to the Siberian heating networks over the past few years, 236 experts from five contracting organizations participated in its design and construction; project investments reached 855 million roubles. The total length of the pipeline (1000 mm in diameter) is about 5.5 thousand meters, more than 1000 meters of them are laid in the body of Nikolaevsky bridge. Throughout the section, the pipes have a reinforced wall of 14 mm instead of standard 10 mm. 

People dwelling the new districts of Tikhie Zori, Akademgorodok, Studgorodok, residential complexes on the territory of Combine Harvester Plant, Vetluzhanka and Nikolaevka will receive additional access to heat supply and hot water. Platinum Arena multifunctional sports and entertainment complex will also have the opportunity to utilise the main. 

The heating main had been constructed along with the construction of the Nikolaevsky bridge from 2013 to 2015 proceeded with the construction of incoming pipelines in 2017-2019. On the left bank, the pipelines run to the pump station located at the interchange on Nikolaevsky Prospect, while on the right bank they go from the bridge to the pump station in Elektrikov Street belonging to the main connected to the Krasnoyarsk Heating and Power Plant No. 2.