Issues of Creating Conditions for Industrial Parks were discussed by Krasnoyarsk Territory Government

On 6th November representatives of industrial parks, authorities and Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia discussed measures of support that are required by functioning industrial sites, their managing companies and small and medium business residents.

Such representatives of Krasnoyarsk Territory industrial parks, as Krasny Yar, Divnogorsky, Divny, etc. mentioned that not only regional but also federal measures of support are required for sustainable development and to help residents at most benefit from their work and produce high-quality competitive products. It was also noted that industrial parks are a modern instrument for improving competitiveness of small and medium businesses, therefore development is especially timely for Krasnoyarsk Territory within the framework of Yenisey Siberia comprehensive investment project and Small and Medium Entrepreneurship platform.

Representatives of the Finance Ministry, Industry and Energy Ministry, as well as Krasnoyarsk Territory Ministry of Economy and Regional Development agreed to tackle support measures suggested by the participants, among which there are such measures as establishment of Territorial Fund for Industry Development, establishment of Territorial Pledge (Guarantee) Fund, as well as the range of other measures. They summarized that it is necessary to use not only regional, but also federal support measures more effectively (i.e. funding of infrastructure construction expenses and credit interest rates), as well as to form a combination of support measures for industrial park residents (tax incentives, funding of rental rates, long-term and affordable financing).

Director for Development of Corporation for Development of Yenisey Siberia Aleksei Nikolayev noted that the discussion result is making certain actions that contribute to development of industrial park network in the territory. “Authority representatives paid great attention to the articulated problems, and we hope that state support of regional and federal levels will be received by industrial parks and their residents” Aleksei Nikolayev summed up.