The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, Sberbank and Strategy Partners Group signed a cooperation agreement for development of the Yenisey Siberia regions

Today at the press centre of Interfax-Siberia information agency a trilateral cooperation agreement between the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, JSC, Sberbank of Russia, PJSC, and Strategy Partners Group, JSC was signed in the presence of the Minister of Economic Development of Krasnoyarsk Region Egor Vasilyev by the Deputy Chairman – Director of Krasnoyarsk Branch of Sberbank, PJSC Dmitry Solntsev, Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, JSC Sergei Ladyzhenko, Head of Project of Strategy Partners Group, JSC Vladimir Poklad.

The agreement is intended to facilitate development of investment activity in the territory of Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tuva, comprehensive support on the key strategic questions of the regional development, promotion and implementation of the investment projects included into the Yenisey Siberia CIP, as well as new investment projects and assistance in fund-raising.

Egor Vasilyev also remarked that the cooperation with the leading companies is a way of increasing the level of strategic planning of the regional development, giving a new impetus to the Yenisey Siberia CP. The Yenisey Siberia became the first full-scale project of the macroregion, which makes it unique for the Russian Federation. It is being brought into practice by the major companies of the country and the world, they contribute their investment, increasing the tax revenues and creating new jobs in the regions”, remarked Egor Vasilyev.

Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked, that today we witness a greater potential of the regions with respect of the investment. “It is extremely important for us to get high-quality and qualified analytical information and expertise assessment of the niches, trends, and sectors that may be sought for by the potential investor from the Russian Federation and abroad. Cooperation with Strategy Partners Group is an opportunity of finding such competent analysis and experts, making up such niches and investment proposals that could be interesting for potential investors. It is especially important that it will be done in cooperation with Sberbank, which can offer unique conditions for the financing of the new investment projects”, remarked Sergei Ladyzhenko.

In his turn, Dmitry Solntsev announced that the Yenisey Siberia territory has a high investment potential. “Our task is to develop together with the growing economy of the regions, to use the experience and expertise of Sberbank in the sectoral strategy development. In this project, we participate as Sberbank group of companies, which also includes Strategy Partners. As a financial institution, we are ready to provide our support and to participate in financing the projects; we are also wiling to invite investors from all over the country to cooperate with us. Everything related with the activity of our affiliates, our big ecosystem, makes up a valuable experience in various fields including digitalization which will doubtlessly applicable in this project as well”, said Dmitry Solntsev.

Vladimir Poklad declared that at the first stage of cooperation the attention will be concentrated on the social component of the life in the region, i.e. medicine, education, and security. “The second stage of the project will be totally focused on the development of investment proposals”, remarked Vladimir Poklad.

The results of the cooperation will be presented at Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

It should be also added that Strategy Partners company is one in the top three strategic consultants of the Russian market. The company specializes in providing business strategy development and operation improvement implementation services to medium-sized and large Russian and international corporations, investment banks, foundations and governmental institutions. It is a member of Sberbank, PJSC.