The Yenisey Siberia CIP sites are planned to be assigned the status of the All-Russian Student Construction Sites

Implementation of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project requires involvement of a great number of qualified specialists, including the construction stage. In the nearest future, it is planned to begin the works on the erection of the large industrial and infrastructural venues requiring the experience and work patterns developed by the Student Construction Teams’ movement.

At Biryusa 2019: Territory of Proactive Youth All-Russian Youth Educational Forum, the cooperation agreement between the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, the Russian Student Corps All-Russian Youth Social Organization, its regional branches from Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republics of Khakassia and Tuva was signed. The “All-Russian Student Construction Site” is a status assigned to the construction sites involving at least 10 linear student corps coming from at least 10 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The start of the project will ensure the participation of over 200 “fighters” from the Russian Student Corps in the construction and service sectors since 2020. In the future, until 2027, the Yenisey Siberia CIP project construction will involve over 1,500 movement participants. The students have a chance to get some important professional experience and improve their competence. The employer, on its side, will enjoy the assistance in the project delivery and tax preferences for each employee.

The Yenisey Siberia CIP investor companies are currently preparing to begin the launch of the projects. In the nearest future it is planned to begin the construction works in a number of sectors including infrastructure, i.e. the construction of the Kyzyl-Kuragino railway, Vysokogorsky bridge, the Zhuravlevo-Ak-Sug motorway, Siberia Agroindustrial Park, RUSAL UC investment projects, exploration of the Taymyr oil and gas fields.

The Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked that the next year the works on a number of projects will begin. “We see a great potential in getting the student corps “fighters” to the Yenisey CIP facilities’ construction. The status of the All-Russian Student Construction Site will enable us to recruit students from different regions, providing them with an opportunity to get valuable experience, to get to know our territory, and to take part in an important stage in the development of the Yenisey Siberia and Russia as a whole”, said Sergei Ladyzhenko.

Previously, the status of the All-Russian Student Construction Site was assigned to the venues of Winter Olympic Games 2014 (Sochi), the Vostochny Cosmodrome, the Peaceful Atom nuclear facilities. This is the first time in history, when the status may be given to a construction project in Krasnoyarsk Region.

Greeting the camp shift participants, the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Region Alexander Uss remarked that the territory of Siberia has always been a venue for large-scale construction projects. “Many facilities were created with the efforts of the youth: Krasnoyarsk Dam, Talnakh, KATEK and many others. Today, the Yenisey Siberia Investment Project famous all around the country encompasses 32 construction venues waiting for you. I wish that all of you, standing shoulder to shoulder, feel an extra charge of energy, pass it on to each other, check on your plans and then find yourselves in the Yenisey Siberia”, said Alexander Uss.