The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation presented the Minusinsk Valley development concept

Within the framework of the 3rd Investment Forum for the Development of the Southern Territories of Krasnoyarsk Region, Minusinsk hosted the panel discussion titled “The Minusinsk Valley: Territory of Advanced Agricultural Development”. The discussion was participated by the representatives of the authority bodies of Krasnoyarsk Region and the Republic of Khakassia, Heads of municipal entities, representatives of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and businesses. The discussion focused on the prospects of the territory development.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin came up with a proposal on preparation of the Minusinsk Valley development at the plenary session of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The President presented Krasnoyarsk Region as an example of the region in the south of which there are all the opportunities for powerful agricultural development. He specified that the Central and Eastern Siberia should act as a scientific and industrial centre, not a raw material source. This way the region will provide a link between the European part of the country and the Far East, as well as the markets of China, countries of the Asian and Pacific region and Europe.

At the panel discussion, the Director for Development of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Alexei Nikolaev presented the participants a project of the Minusinsk Valley development concept. The territory provides a unique agroclimatic potential and a number of prerequisites for advanced development. In the nearest future, it may serve as a platform for a number of cattle, vegetables, grain breeding, harvesting and processing of medical and wild-growing herbs tourism projects.

The main conditions for the projects are the development of logistic infrastructure, involvement of investors through the establishment of special economic zones, staff training, transport infrastructure development (Abakan-Biysk motorway, Kyzyl-Kuragino railway). By today, there have developed the prerequisites for satisfaction of these conditions and for launch of the investment projects in the territory of the Minusinsk Valley. In the nearest future, the territory development concept will be completed and sent for approval to the state authorities.

According to the experts, the total amount of investment may exceed 400 billion Roubles. Provided that all the planned projects are launched by 2025, the agricultural complex of the Minusinsk Valley will grow by 2.7 times, the tax revenues of all budgets will constitute over 86 billion Roubles, over 11,000 jobs will be created, the grocery market of the Russian Federation will be supplied with high-quality products, the income and living standards of the local population will be improved.