The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and Business Development Agency agreed to cooperate to support local manufacturers

Today, an agreement between the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, JSC and the Business Development Agency and Microcredit Company, JSC was signed. The parties agreed to unite their efforts and deliver a number of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses. The main task of the cooperation is to get the suppliers of goods and services actively involved in the process of implementation of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project.

One of the key factors for development of the small and medium-sized businesses is a stable demand for the manufactured products. In the conditions of such large-scale investment projects as the Yenisey Siberia it is important to provide for the right development vector for the suppliers of goods and services to get them involved into the investment projects’ delivery. The agreement was signed at the Steel Partner company which is currently actively developing in the sphere of metal structures and technological equipment production. As remarked by the Director of the plant Igor Mardasov, over 80% of the company’s products today are supplied not to final customers, but to accredited dealers. The reduction of the chain enables the company to increase the margin and efficiency of the business.

The Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation and the Business Development Agency are the essential elements of the small and medium-sized businesses’ support infrastructure. Under the agreement, the parties shall arrange some joint efforts to increase the efficiency of communication between the Yenisey Siberia investors and the local manufacturers. The Agency is planning to apply the methodology for “nurturing” of the small and medium-sized businesses, i.e. to provide them with the support intended to increase the productivity, competitiveness, technical equipment of labour and qualification of people. As remarked by the Director General of the Agency Alexander Gramatunov, the programme helps to support a company and bring it to better performance at a faster pace.

In its turn, the Corporation shall arrange the direct contact between local manufacturers and the Yenisey Siberia CIP investors. For this purpose, the Yenisey Siberia accredited suppliers’ register development will continue, business negotiations will be organized to make up a direct contact with the large customers. “Cooperation with the Agency is extremely important for us. Combining our efforts, we help the entrepreneurs to get large and challenging orders. The Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project implies a large amount of investment, and our task is to get the local suppliers and contractors involved in the orders placed by large companies. We are doing our best to get to know the participant companies as good as possible to offer their capacities to the investors on the individual basis”, said Sergei Ladyzhenko.