Winners of the Yenisey Siberia Leaders Competition have been announced

Results of the Yenisey Siberia Leaders Interregional HR Competition have been drawn in Krasnoyarsk. The finals embraced 500 people from Krasnoyarsk Regio, the Republic of Khakassia and the Republic of Tuva, who presented their solutions of case studies on industrial, social and image problems the large companies may face in the process of project implementation. The presentations were assessed by experts, representatives of the partner companies, qualified specialists from the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation based on the following criteria: technology, economy, innovation, transfer opportunities, presentation.

The competition partners were: Rusal, Kraslesinvest, Neftegazholding companies. For the employers, an HR competition is an opportunity to recruit some specialists based on the established criteria. Upon the results of the competition procedures, a detailed map of competences, knowledge and skills was prepared for every participant to make the HR recruitment procedure more convenient in the future. Director General of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Sergei Ladyzhenko remarked that the employers today pay more and more attention to the extraprofessional qualities of the candidates, such as leadership, ability to work in a team, command of a foreign language and project management skills. “It is extremely important for the new initiatives, when the uncertainty is high and new out-of-the-box solutions are needed. This is the request we got from our employers, and this is what we are working to satisfy”, said Sergei Ladyzhenko.

The competition results were drawn after the three stages, where the participants could collect some score. The first stage was a knowledge and skills’ test, after which the face-to-face stage participants were selected. The semi-finals were held in five cities: Norilsk, Kyzyl, Abakan, Moscow, and Krasnoyarsk. The number of participants was 1000.

The HR pool was made up of the competition finalists who will enjoy the priority for employment in the Yenisey Siberia projects to be implemented in the territories of the three regions. Over 2000 thousand new vacancies are planned to be opened this year.

The next stage of the HR pool development will be the WorldSkills standard-based workers’ competition that will be held at the end of 2019.