Khakassian Government has considered the Yenisey Siberia projects

A regular meeting of the interinstitutional taskforce on the implementation of the Yenisey Siberia Comprehensive Investment Project was held in the Republic of Khakassia. The meeting participants discussed the new stages of implementing the large-scale investment project in the territory of the Republic and the regional environmental security issues.

The Yenisey Siberia CIP encompasses 12 projects implemented in the territory of Khakassia with the total financing volume of around 200 billion Roubles. Among the projects, there are: establishment of the motor and railway infrastructure, development of extraction and processing enterprises, agricultural projects. The Government representatives remarked that the project carries a large significance for the economic development strategy of the Republic: Khakassia aims at development of a proactive industrial and logistic infrastructure development.

The meeting participants discussed the projects of COALSTAR coal company in detail. The enterprise has been running exploration and extraction of bituminous coal at the Mayrykhsky and Beysky West areas of Beyskoe bituminous coal field. At the current Mayrykhsky coal pit, the coal production rate of 2018 reached 3 million tons. This year, the value will be increased by two times. When Beysky West area is commissioned, by the year 2030 it is planned to achieve the extraction volume of 30 tons. For the stability of shipment and transportation of coal, it is planned to establish a unified operator for the Republic. The projects have created over 4,500 new jobs, and the cumulative budget effect until the year 2030 will constitute around 83 billion Roubles.

The Director for Development of the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation Alexei Nikolaev remarked that it is necessary to develop an agreed position of subsoil users concerning the development of the railway infrastructure of Beyskoe bituminous coal field. The discrepancies about the issue will be solved with the taskforce involving representatives of Coalstar, EN+ Logistics, Russian Railways and other interested parties. The close cooperation between the Government of the Republic, the Corporation and the investors will facilitate the preparation of documents for the investment project to be considered at the federal level.